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About Us


GILGAL Development Consulting Engineers and Project Managers (Pty) Ltd is a South African based consulting company established in 2011. The company is 100% wholly owned and managed by two Previously Disadvantaged Individuals. The founding members of the company, Mr. Mzwandile James Nyila Pr Tech Eng and Mr. Mabhele Mrwetyana Pr Techni Eng,have together more than 40 years of broad engineering experience including municipal infrastructure, roads, transportation planning, water and sanitation, and project management in both public and private sectors.

GILGAL prides itself of a multi-disciplinary talent, technical expertise and in-depth knowledge in both rural and urban engineering, which ensures the execution of each project within budget and meeting target time schedules. GILGAL’s engineering multi disciplinary approach ensures a seamless delivery on most aspects of project delivery, which promotes efficiency, professionalism and quality through the entire project value chain.

In order for the Company to ensure participating in the specialized civil engineering aspects, has developed business relationship with various existing engineering companies. This provides GILGAL an opportunity to develop, share and access skills transfer in the ever dynamic engineering environment.

The Company will at all times continuously endeavor to work with a range of specialists and professional consultants who are drawn into different projects and programs based on their experience and expertise.




We preserve to raise the standard of living in communities and society at large and maintain them in ways that do not deplete resources or destroy the habitat.

We are consistently committing ourselves to be the hope and pride of the nation.


Our mission is to offer sustainable solutions that put our clients in the forefront of service delivery.

GILGAL Development Consulting Engineers and Project Managers are at all times upholding the founding values of the company with regards to honesty, integrity, determination, efficiency, innovation, listening, caring as well as social responsibility and environmental awareness.

Our approach to project execution is guided by planning, organizing, leading and control aspects.


In pursuing our mission and our objective we live by the following values:


We attract, motivate and retain high performing people to all areas of our business

We offer our customer the highest level of performance every time and on time. We provide quality service to our clients by treating them as partners, by listening, understanding their needs, responding fairly and living up to our commitments. We provide these quality values consistently by improving our technical resources and productivity.



GILGAL Development Consulting Engineers and Project Managers is 100% owned by 2 historically disadvantaged individuals who each have 50% shareholding in the company. This makes the firm an Affirmative Professional Service Provider in terms of current South African Government procurement policies. GILGAL is a B-BEEE level 1 contributor. Both founding members are experienced civil engineering graduates who demonstrate a high competence, integrity, honesty and professionalism.

Pr Tech Eng
B-Tech Eng, NDip Eng, ECSA

Pr. Techni Eng
B-Tech Eng, NDip Eng, ECSA, MSAICE


Mzwandile James Nyila is a registered Professional Engineering Technologist with over 15 years experience in consulting engineering. He started his engineering career in 1997 working for Stocks & Stocks Construction as part of his in-service training, then in December 1997 he joined Arcus Gibb Consulting Engineers to broaden his training. During this period he received intensive training on site supervision, as well as exposure to design related aspects.

After graduating as a Civil Engineering Technician at Port Elizabeth Technikon in 1999, he continued working for Arcus Gibb. During this period he continued with engineering designs and construction monitoring, and was also involved with Project Management.

James joined Izizwe Consulting Engineers in September 2002 as a Project Manager and later completed his B-Tech degree at Port Elizabeth Technikon specializing in Water Engineering. He was directly involved with Engineering Designs, Construction Supervision, Project Management, as well as consulting with various clients. In 2008 he became a director and was responsible for the day to day running of the company offices operations.

In 2011 James Nyila played a crucial role in the formation of GILGAL and he is managing the Port Elizabeth Office.

Mabhele Mrwetyana started his engineering career when he joined the Department of Agriculture & Forestry in the old Transkei government in 1981. In June 1991 he graduated as a Civil engineering technician at Port Elizabeth Technikon. In 2012 he completed his B-Tech Degree in Urban Engineering at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.

In 1994 he worked in collaboration with Ben Veldman & Associates Consulting Engineers, as a Labour Intensive Technical Officer for the implementation of various Labour Intensive Projects for rural areas in the former Transkei. In 1995 he was transferred to the Premiers Office in Bisho, where he was involved in the setting up of the Premiers discretional funding administrative mechanism.

He joined Haynne Ross & Kleyn Consulting in 1996 as a Project Manager for various Community Based Public Works Projects.

In 1997 he pioneered his own construction project management company MP Mrwetyana Engineering Services, where he gained extensive experience in contract and construction management and successfully completed various projects in the East London area.

In 2002 together with other two directors established Izizwe Consulting Engineers and was in charge of the East London Office.

In 2011 he spearheaded the formation of GILGAL and is currently managing the East London office.